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Financial Planning Consultants, has established strategic affiliations with various companies and associations. Through these programs we help our Practice Builder clients succeed by giving them easy access to solutions that complement and enhance their services.  

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Horsesmouth improves the performance of financial advisors in a continuous process that provides them with access to innovative resources and key people that can help them succeed.

Read a recent article published: 5 Reasons to Switch to an Industry-Specific Contact Manager


Virtual Sales Assistant

Virtual Sales Assistant - (VSA) We have made an agreement with Virtual Sales Assistant, LP to create a unique IARFC Virtual Advisor and to make it available to all RFC's and FPC clients at an unbelievably low price. The IARFC Virtual Advisor is without a doubt the most comprehensive sales support tool in the industry. Details below. Please take the "30-day free look" to see for yourself!


Software Affiliates


Anti-spam software should save you time and money - it should give you back your privacy.

A spam filter has to make sure you get 100% of the e-mail you want and block 100% of the e-mail you don't want, or it hasn't solved your problem. No spam filter can do that. Spam filters try to guess which email you want and don't want. They are one-size-fits-all programs, and they have one thing in common - they don't work very well. Spammers always find ways to beat them, so you still get spam in your inbox. And they delete legitimate mail, so you have to hunt through deleted email to make sure you didn't lose anything important.

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Secure Online Backup & Recovery from EVault

EVault is the leader in secure online backup and recovery solutions.  They enable customers to fulfill a critical component of their business continuity program by efficiently and reliably safeguarding their data through a fully automated process.  EVault became the first company to provide disk-to-disk data protection utilizing the Internet as a data transport.  By automating the process, EVault eliminated the costly resources necessary to manage the backup and recovery function. If you would like to contact EVault please fill out the attached referral form.


Laser App

A seamless integration between Practice Builder Laser App. 

Laser App is an easy to use, interactive form filling software for today's financial advisor. Laser App uses your broker, rep, and client data to assist you in filling out the tedious and redundant fields in securities, annuity, clearing firm, and broker/dealer forms. Check out our sample of Laser App and Practice Builder Fields by clicking here. 

Contact us today to receive the Promotional Code for discount pricing on Laser App.


Financial Product Affiliates

Encore Partners

Encore Partners is a client-driven training and online solutions firm that helps grow the business of financial service companies, their advisors and brokers. We use a unique combination of personal and web-based solutions to help individuals and organizations achieve greater productivity and higher levels of personal and professional satisfaction. Our consultation, training courses and speaking engagements are supported by our website,, to help clients earn those valuable “encores.”


Registered Reps Trading Places

Use a free and confidential process to receive competitive offers from broker dealers.


Consulting Service Affiliates

Insurance Pro Shop - The Insurance Pro Shop offers... The First Complete and Affordable Marketing And Sales Resource For Today's Insurance Pro... with Highly Specialized, 'Turnkey' Life Insurance and Annuity Marketing, Prospecting and Sales Systems.


Red Zone Marketing, LLC, is a marketing services firm devoted to dramatically increasing business through the powerful Red Zone Marketing strategies for the Financial Services Industry.  Improve your marketing strategies, develop a consistent Marketing Game Plan, increase referrals and delight your current clients. Move from the Red Zone to the End Zone with less effort and increased success.  Clients of Red Zone Marketing gain specific business building systems, strategies, and tools.

  • Generate a systematic marketing strategy.
  • Generate communication ideas that will delight your clients.
  • Build new business the simple and logical way.
  • Create (and strengthen) your value to your target market.
  • Generate 15 to 30 referrals every month.

For more information contact or visit



Vestment Advisors in Shorewood MN, is a hands-on organization helping entrepreneurs and captains of industry transform their corporations through trying times. Katherine and Peter Vessenes, principals of Vestment Advisors, bring companies of all sizes in the financial industry their unparalleled knowledge, experience, and proven track record of helping client companies increase profitability. Through their consulting and education services, they address the vital areas of business operations, from marketing and communication to personnel to increasing sales. Our goal is to make financial advisors, better financial advisors!

If you are interested in using either Katherine or Peter Vessenes as a resource of information for your reporting needs, please contact us.  We are ready to help. Testimonial


Financial Service Resources


Insurance Sales Tools


Insurance Sales Tools - (IST) is a one-stop, free resource for all Insurance Agents and Financial Services Professionals.  Throughout the blocks below, you will find a variety of the top companies to serve all your Insurance & Annuity Marketing, Sales and Support Needs.  Our goal is to help you find those high quality, reliable, ethical companies that you can feel safe doing business with.  For your convenience, please take a moment to add this site to your favorites list.



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