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develops comprehensive financial plans, quickly and easily.  FINRA reviewed

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Retirement Planning
Investment Performance Analysis
Education Funding
Estate Planning
Income Tax Analysis
Life and Disability Insurance Needs
Asset Allocation
Cash Flow Analysis
Long-Term Care Needs

Interactive Immediate display in chart/graph form


Interactive Scenario Manager lets you make "what-if" assumptions and see the impact immediately!

With the powerful Scenario Manager you can adjust more than 80 financial variables to develop virtually unlimited "what-if" scenarios - including Monte Carlo simulations - then calculate and graphically display the results immediately. In real time!

Change asset values and see future values... immediately.
Easily show your clients how assets should be allocated - both numerically and graphically - and the effects that reallocation will have on the overall plan.

Click the Sample Reports to preview of some of the reports and charts available with in Plan Builder.


Illustrate estate distributions clearly with colorful flow charts or pie charts.
Show your clients how the money flows through hypothetical estate plans. Illustrate how much money the client's beneficiaries most likely will receive.  Demonstrate where the various leaks and hazards are... in a way that your clients will more easily understand.

Plan Builder is 100% integrated software with powerful features that let you cover all the critical issues in less time.

Frequently Asked Questions a valuable asset to the Plan Builder investment decision.

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