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“AIM” toward a paperless office with Practice Builder
and the Automated Image Manager

Automated Image Manager is the link between your TWAIN equipped scanner and your Practice Builder Client Relationship Management (CRM) system.  AIM enables you to link, store, save, and retrieve any image your scanner processes. Anything you can scan, AIM can store and retrieve.  From scanning a Drivers License to record for Patriot Act compliance or to use in Practice Builder photo file; or for adding PDF documents to incorporate into your library of documents.  Or scan the client's quarterly report to retrieve easily—without digging through the filing cabinet.

Benefits you can achieve:  
  • Recover Lost Productivity
  • Reclaim Office Space
  • Improve Information Sharing
  • Enhance Disaster Recovery
  • Add Value to Existing Systems




Maximize image storage capabilities within

your Practice Builder





The Business Cost of Paper

  • Time lost searching for files
  • Mailing and faxing documents to clients
  • Labor-intensive archiving of physical records
  • Expensive physical storage space
  • Document storage and retrieval mandated by multiple regulations
  • The cumulative impact on overhead costs and quality of client services

Consider the Cost of Responding to Client Requests

  • How much time is lost searching through file cabinets for client’s records?
  • What are the labor cost of you and your staff?
  • How long does the client wait for a response?
  • How many other clients are kept waiting as you complete this process?

Now Consider Meeting Those Demands with AIM
  • Instantly retrieve records from your desktop
  • Serve the client in minutes and move on to the next productive task
  • Serve more clients with existing resources

Automated Image Manager Potential

  • Instant Document retrieval to improve productivity
  • Fast, economical e-mail document distribution
  • Secure and reliable digital archiving
  • Reduced physical storage space with digital media
  • The cumulative benefits of reduced costs and more efficient client service
Automate Image Manager Pricing  

Pricing Options



Update Notice: Unlike previous optional modules of Practice Builder and due to the nature of the AIM module the Annual Support and Maintenance for AIM will be added to your Annual update starting in June of the year following your purchase.


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