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Since 1969, Financial Planning Consultants has provided America's best known companies Client Relationship Management solutions. Here's what Users of Practice Builder are saying.


Why we Like our Builder Suite Software.

Practice Builder Financial is the best employee a financial advisor could ask for. She's hard working, meticulous, and always follows through on tasks (despite how often we try to ignore them!). She remembers interesting tidbits about our clients that make us look great.  She even keeps everyone on task and organizes our schedule in a simple-to-follow format (Although, this leaves us no excuse for not getting things done.....). In short, Practice Builder Financial keeps us focused and is an integral part of our success

Donna Graber, NY


I started using TLS now Practice Builder over 30 years ago and it only gets better. It has saved us thousands of dollars on research and compliance and has generated thousands more in revenue with the famous drip marketing. With the many modules, seminar, marketing, compliance, business records, business planning, business development and practice management our office has benefited tremendously. We liken Financial Planning Software and their team of professionals to On Star, always there and always ready to be of service.

T. Jerry Royer, FL


I like Practice Builder software for the following reasons:

1.  Charlotte Isbell.  I have worked with her since the software was DOS based and she has always been able to help us to know what and how to best use the software. She's helped us determine which of the add-ons best suit our needs and we really appreciate the ability to access her as a resource.

2.  The crew in your tech support department. All I can say is WOW! Once again I can always rely on straight, timely solutions to our operational problems, and suggestions for additions or improvements to the software.

3.  The software is very easy to learn to use, is very flexible and adaptable to our needs.

4.  In our practice we work very hard to maintain strong relationships with our clients and the ability to maintain a close two way relationship with our software vendors is critical to that process.  You are tops!

Retired Advisor, MI



“I personally think the Practice Builder, CRM software, is the single most important piece of software in terms of managing your business and client contact. Practice Builder has landed me over a million dollars in new money this year by touching prospects I would never have re-contacted without the software.  It's great for client management, mailing lists and delete lists and there are thousands of customer letters if you want to drip market. It is also very competitive in price and you can order only the modules you need.”

Practice Builder Client, VA



Practice Builder Financial, have been a user for over 15+ years. The ability to have access to such a vast volume of financial information, written in easy to understand terms and available at a touch to prepare client reports, financial plan supplements and to quickly answer client questions. My clients think we are experts on just about all financial matters.

We also use the marketing module which has automated our new marketing as well as our follow up communication strategies to existing clients. Prospects report we must want the business as the mailings keep coming and it is always useful information.  

Derrick Winke, MI


To me the Builder Suite software is great because of its easy to use format.  After using the software, you can immediately tell that it was designed by someone in the financial planning field.  It has allowed for me to keep an effective and well organized marketing campaign.  Reminders such as client preferences, birthdays and anniversaries have helped to give better client service.  It has also allowed for me to keep my name in front of my clients by having automated postcards and letters sent, and all I have to do is load the correct paper in the printer.

Practice Builder Client, OH


My name is Bob Bishop. I am a relatively new RIA and have used Practice Builder software from day one.  It was very helpful in setting up a business model that is focused on compliance, new client marketing and client retention.  The compliance module helps set up the required compliance standards and assists in the maintenance of my compliance program and records.  It also time stamps and records any correspondence sent through the program.  The marketing module has been extremely helpful in keeping a steady but not obnoxious amount of helpful articles and information streaming to prospects and clients.  I have many clients who have started a notebook of the articles that interest them so they can refer back to them. I would highly recommend this software to any advisor who wants a useful tool to keep up with the current compliance issues and create a good, cost effective marketing program that works.

Robert Bishop, FL



“Thank you Practice Builder for continually updating and enhancing the best CRM system in the business. In my 25+ year career in the financial industry I have used dozens of CRM programs, but have found no other CRM program that can beat Practice Builder’s automated marketing system. With the simplicity of the user-friendly screens and your great technical support follow-up, it has helped me to elevate my practice to the next level of success. Thanks a million!”

Practice Builder Client, CA


I like my Practice Builder software because it is easy to use, but designed just for financial advisors. It is easily customized to our particular practice, yet it is not complicated. One of the best things is the support that Lea and Randy provide when we have questions or problems. 

We use the broadcast e-mail service a lot to stay in touch with our clients. I also like the Summary screen that shows all e-mails and letters sent and saves a copy of each one. The To-Do list and memo notes keep us up to date on client business, no matter who spoke with the person last or worked on that project. I like that Practice Builder syncs with my PDA so I can make appointments anywhere and know I'm not double-booking myself. We had used a couple of other client relationship management software products before -- Contact Partner, Goldmine and evaluated This is by far the best product for our needs.

Practice Builder Client, GA


Practice Builder organized our office environment. We now have ONE place to look to find appointments, call notes, Account Documents, and client letters. With a few simple clicks I have all the information I need on an Individual client, all in one computer program.

Practice Builder Client, PA


Practice Builder is great because it helps me keep in touch with clients and prospects. I automatically send a personalized letter and article to each person on a schedule that I choose.  The letters are easy and informative to read. Clients have told me time and again how much they appreciate the information, and have even told me that they passed them on to relatives and friends. People with dormant accounts have called for an appointment out of the blue because of a Practice Builder letter.

Practice Builder Client, NY


After years of using client based software, Practice Builder has been the most user friendly with more functions.  We have enjoyed it so much that we just upgraded the software so that we can use the seminar modules. The letter templates are very helpful especially when we are doing a mass mailing and it provides us with so many letters to work with.  Also, being able to send an e-mail or a mass e-mail is the second best feature. It saves us time and helps us to better communicate with our clients. 

Gregory Williams, UT



I like my Practice Builder as it is easy to use and allows me to stay in contact with not only my clients and prospects but also my extended family. It also reminds me when I am due to either send out a birthday card or make a call. The ability to use the key codes to make my practice more efficient as well as serve as a reminder to exactly where this person or family is financially is critical and yet easy to set up and use.

Ralph E Lemon Jr., FL


Words are hard to find at times - so are facts. The time saved in research and delivery of information with Builder Suite is worth far more than that cost of the software.  When something is needed fast to meet a client's information needs or reporting requirements, the ability to have a place to get that material quickly allows me to be the planner rather than taking all the roles of the "chief cook, waiter and bottler washer" in the office. 

Builder Suite economizes my time allowing me to be the professional in touch with my clients.  It is that electronic back-office compliance issues which are so critical in today's worlds.  Knowing that there is a back-up and method by which to support my compliance needs is one of those must have elements provided in your package. 

Thanks for having this gift to the financial planning world available for all of us.”

Armonad E D'Alo, CA

We use Practice Builder in our office. This product allows us to track pertinent client information, provide our client's with valuable educational information, and see (at-a-glance) when the client was last seen for portfolio review. All of this important information is available right at our fingertips. The product is user-friendly for any level of administration. We Highly recommend Practice Builder for any office that is looking for more efficient way to communicate with their clients.

Practice Builder Client , WI











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