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Natural attrition, due to all the reasons you know so well, demands that you consistently replenish your supply of Highly Qualified Prospects. If you’re not marketing to your “A Client” profile, you probably are not gaining more of these most profitable clients.  Practice Builder Marketing Sequences are designed to run systematically for long-term results.  It’s not a quick fix – it is a SYSTEM for a PERMANENT SOLUTION!

James P. Cecil’s research indicates it takes 12 to 16 contacts to create a positive impression, frequently referred to as “top of mind awareness”.  You have to feed your marketing funnel to gain the clients you want.  Start TODAY with
Names from Financial Planning Consultants.

Here’s How It Works:

You always need more prospects.

It may be that you have a new offering or you want to reach a new demographic segment. Regardless of the reason, in an effort to continue the growth of your practice you’re always searching for new prospects.

You tell us what you need.

By completing this form, you narrow the search for prospect names. You give us the specifics of what you want and the desired scope.

We get your names.

Sometimes it takes two or three tries to narrow or widen your search to get just the right results. Because we deal with several national sources, we get you the best deal on the best names.


Our results are always guaranteed.

The names are crosschecked for their qualifications and valid phone numbers are furnished, as well.

We check the database.

To be sure you can easily use the names we check the data first. We modify the fields, adjust the records and then actually test the import of your names into our test version of Practice Builder. Your success is assured.

We send you the data ready to import.

We e-mail the file and/or send you a disk along with a hard copy printout of the data. Usually within three weeks of your first order date.


Pricing Options

You start “drip marketing” to hundreds of new prospects that perfectly fit your new campaign.


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