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David A. M. Stitt, CLU, ChFC, CEP, CFP®, RFC®

David M. Stitt is a veteran in the financial planning industry. He led the development team in the early 1980s for FPC’s comprehensive software, ProPlan.

David's involvement with the EnterAct software program began 1997 with Successful Money Management Systems, the original owner and developer of the program called LifeGoals. David joined other SMMS executives to establish, which assumed ownership of the program, and renamed it LGX. While at, David was the Director of Financial Planning and supervised the development, training, and support of the software. The accounting publisher, CCH bought the software from and hired David to continue its development. When David reacquired EnterAct from CCH he chose to partner with Ed and FPC to develop, support and distribute the program now known as Plan Builder, the evolution of LifeGoals, LGX and CCH Enteract. The application is powered by Crystal Ball and features CCH tax research and can import client data from Practice Builder.


David is a Past President of the local life underwriters association and the North Shore Council of the Financial Planning Association. He lectures and trains on the process of financial planning and has contributed articles to magazines, written the Tax Payer Reform Act of 1997 seminar for SMMS and was published by Prentice Hall in “The Expert’s Guide to Managing and Marketing a Successful Financial Planning Practice.”


Designations: CLU, ChFC, CEP, CRFA, CSA, CFP®, RFC®


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