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Hands On Workshop for Practice Builder One-day agenda to involve you fully in the techniques and practices of full utilization of Practice Builder.  You and your staff will operate the system on your own laptop computer(s). 

Practice Builder's Workshop covers the latest features available with the latest version - Accounts Window & Report, Import Wizard, Export Wizard, Document Searching, the Top Ten Report, Customizable Tab Names, use of Excel Spreadsheets, and Global Email. A 29 point check list of items will be covered during the course. You will leave with a handbook of helpful hints and answers to the 37 most frequently asked questions.

Hands On Workshop for Plan Builder - One-day workshop will cover all elements of Comprehensive Financial Planning - from Client Engagement and Fact-Finding, through Analysis and Projections, to Recommendations, Monitoring and Service.


Learn how to use the powerful Plan Builder software program to:

  • Get information from prospects
  • Streamline data input
  • Solve client’s needs client's needs in a matter of minutes … as they watch!
  • Motivate clients to take ACTION with a meaningful Financial Plan
  • Customize your own basic financial plan
  • Find out where the numbers come from
  • Learn the new features and flexibility of Plan Builder, get your questions answered, and be a part of the future of Plan Builder as we listen to your desires and needs for your financial planning operation.

The Host will receive:

One “free” registration for each five paid Attendees

Additional attendees - $175 per person per day


The Host simply provides:

Meeting space - with a minimum seating of five more than you will use for your "free" attendees  

LCD Projector



    Continental Breakfast - 8:30 am

    Lunch arrangements delivered - Noon

    Mid-afternoon Break - 2:30 pm


We provide:

    Trainer including all travel expenses

    Workbooks and handouts for each attendee

    Lunch costs


We will promote the workshop to Builder Suite Clients and Prospects. The advertised cost for the workshop will be $395 per person per day (full rate) and additional staff members will be billed $175 per person per day.


Bring your own Laptop for Hands On Workshop

As a host of a Builder Suite Workshop, we will work with you to confirm the best date to conduct the event. You will receive one “Free” attendee for the workshop for each five paying attendees.  You can also send additional staff members for a registration fee.  We will marketing the workshop to other clients of the software and obtain additional attendance to the session.

We reserve the right to cancel the workshop with seven-day notice.

Minimum required full rate paid attendance is five. 


Contact us today to discuss scheduling a workshop. 800 666 1656



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