Financial Planning Consultants



This class is offered from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Financial Planning Process

Data Collection



Presentation of the Plan



Financial Plan Requirements

Statement of Goals and Objective

Review of Financial Statement

Analysis of Cash Flow

Review of Current Investments

Income Tax Analysis

Risk Management Analysis

Estate Planning Considerations

Financial Independence Analysis

Written Recommendations

Data Input

Data Form philosophy

How to ensure client completion of the form

Data Forms and computer input screens

Analysis of Client Current Situation

Family Members and Special Needs

Income sources and measurement

Expenses and projections

Asset Information

Quantifying Client Goals

Education Funding


Survivor, Disability and Long Term Care


Identifying Obstacles to Client’s Goals

Measuring goals requirements

Earmarking specific assets to goals

Presenting a Plan

Solution Scenarios

Simulating various alternatives

Interacting with the client to create solutions

Implementing a Plan

Using a checklist

Assigning responsibility

Monitoring a Plan

Frequency of meetings

Reports for meetings




Breaks: We will have coffee, tea, juice, and soda provided.

Lunch: Working box lunch provided (Penn Station)

Please ask if you have any other needs or for further information contact:  Charlotte Isbell or 800.325.5540 ext 305

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